Some of the usability features:

  • EASIEST TO IMPLEMENT – We believe that MNJ-Information System is the EASIEST ERP software to install, implement and operate. User only needs to copy paste the application on server to make it operational.

  • INTUITIVE USER INTERCFACE – The user interface of MNJ-Information System has been designed after extensive study of H uman- C omputer I nterface. It has been designed to reduce the learning period for user and to make daily work pleasant.

  • CONSISTENCY IN GUI DESIGN G raphic U ser I nterface of MNJ-Information System has been designed in such a way that it gives very consistent operability. For example in all the transactions screens standard buttons have been placed at same location to provide familiar look and feel to user.

  • ONLINE HELP – MNJ-Information System provides extensive context specific online help facility on each screen with single button click (F1). It describes the purpose of that screen, detailed description of each option on the screen along with the example. These self-explanatory Help windows reduce the learning period for users and also decreases the dependability on EDP department for support during day-to-day work.

  • MODULE/MENU DRIVEN - MNJ-Information System has a well-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) with structured menu lists. Users find the Module/Menus structure very intuitive which is mapped with the business processes and this helps in easy navigation and operations.

  • EASY TO USE MOUSE DRIVEN POINT & CLICK DESIGN – The system has been designed with lots of planning and care and it is such that if users want then they can run entire application either by using keyboard or mouse. It does not stop working if there is any keyboard or mouse failure at any of the terminal.

  • LESSER NUMBER OF KEY STROKES & MOUSE CLICKS – We kept this basic principle of screen design in mind while designing the software.

  • MAINTENANCE & ADMIMINISTRATION – Administration of this software is very easy as there are very few operations that are mandatory to perform on daily basis. Once the process of master data creation is over, daily transactions can be performed without any outside support.

  • EASY HOUSEKEEPING FUNCTIONS – Keeping in mind the stress and workload that comes with the responsibility of running a system on 24x7 basis, we have taken special care to make the work of IT/EDP department as easy as possible. It ranges from say, one-click facility for data backup to extremely secure data recovery process.