data processing services

Data processing is basically conversion of one format of a data into another format for better maintenance and effective analyzes & research.

We at MNJ Software offer cost effective, quality and timely deliver of data processing services. By outsourcing data processing services to us, you can focus on your business development and relax on major administrative issues pertaining to data conversion and data security.

We have rich experience in data processing services such as data conversion, data entry, word processing, forms processing, image processing, etc.

Our experience coupled with our talented & trained teams of professionals guarantee quality and conformity to time limit. Our best management practices include a strict monitoring setup that ensures security of the client´s data. Hence, once you outsource your data processing services to MNJ you will be rest assured with a quality output. We offer both on-site and off-site services including offshore services in a professional and cost effective manner. Our offshore services are provided at an hourly competitive rate of $6 to $12. For onsite services please feel free to contact us.

Our data processing services includes the following:

»   Data Management
»   Forms Processing
»   Data Control
»   Mailing List Compilation
»   Data Migration
»   Insurance Claims Processing
»   Data Conversion
»   Survey Processing
»   Data Capturing
»   Data Entry Services
»   Data Reporting
»   Online Data entry
»   Database Development
»   Offline Data Entry
»   Company and Product Brochures
»   Image data entry
»   PowerPoint Presentations
»   Offshore Data Entry
»   Direct Mail
»   Outsourcing Data Entry
»   Word Processing
»   Desktop Publishing/e-book
»   Image Processing

What is the importance of Data Processing?

With globalization, the competition on products and services are attaining new heights. The behavioral patters of consumers; their requirements, expectations and demand are constantly changing. To withstand in this open-market environment and to keep track with their trends, constant and close monitoring of data is required. Data forms an important and primary resource for any business. With data we can interpret any logical sequence or solutions for a business product. Hence, companies all over the world are focusing on processing data for taking stock of their present activities and planning future strategies. This importance of data and the way to maintain and process it for effective analyzes and research, has given way to modern day data processing concepts.

Process Of Data

Data processing involves capturing, digitizing and processing of data including word processing, image processing, form processing, data entry etc. from various (re)sources and converting them into a data base for effective analyzes and research.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is the process of converting one form of a data into another, for example converting data from paper source to digital database or converting from one operating system to another.

Today with new technologies processing data in different forms, data conversion is necessitated for effective processing by latest technologies. We at MNJ offer data conversion services utilizing latest data conversion software like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and HTML. We offer services in the following platforms:

  • PDF, MS Word
  • Standard Generic Markup Language (SGML)
  • HTML, XML, Miles, Quark Xpress, 3B2

We also undertake complicated data conversions like conversion of: 

  • AS400 database in fixed length EBCDIC to an ASCII comma delimited or csv file.
  • DC600 System 36 files into Word files on a CD.

Datasets and libraries from ICL and AS400 systems to ASA files for COM and COLD companies.

Old typesetting system tape backups for use in more modern DTP packages. EBCDIC database with binary and packed fields to an ASCII comma delimited or csv file.

Image Processing

Image processing is basically analyzing and manipulating images to a specific format or quality or reporting based on the study of images. Image processing also involves conversion of one format of an image into another format as per the requirement of the company. We undertake various types of image processing. They are:

»   Basic image processing
»   Image segmentation
»   Image compression
»   Image resizing
»   Image enhancement processing
»   Image transformations processing
»   Image recognition processing
»   Topological processing
»   Image restoration

Form Processing

Form processing and survey processing are an important part in major domains such as banking, insurance, health care, billing et al. e, billing et al.

We use Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Mark Recognition, and Intelligent Character Recognition software for quick processing. In many cases these software couldn´t be used to capture data from form due to illegible handwriting, etc. In such situation we under take manual data entry to under take form processing. We also ensure that the manually processed forms are verified for accuracy before final output.

Our form processing / survey processing includes

»   Accounting / Vouchers
»   Insurance Claims
»   Application / Subscription Forms
»   Market Research
»   Airway/Shipping documents
»   Order Forms
»   Customer Satisfaction
»   Product Registration Forms
»   Credit Card applications
»   Surveys / Questionnaires
»   Competition Slips/ Prize draw slips
»   Training Courses
»   Employee Evaluation
»   University Registration
»   Human Resource Analysis

Data Entry

We have experienced and skilled employees for data entry, automated data capture, quality checks and proof reading. Our skilled staffs deliver 100% accurate outputs. We enter data from hand-written, printed document, electronic data, scanned image or any other type of documents. We also offer 24x7 support and assistance in data entry works. data entry works.

Our data entry works include:

»   Accounting and Book Keeping
»   Feedback / Customer Satisfaction Cards
»   Application / Survey / Research Forms
»   Insurance Claims / Patient Records
»   Catalogues/ Manuals
»   Mailing Lists
»   Dictionaries/Encyclopedias
»   Questionnaires
»   Directories/Yellow Pages