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What services does your customer looking for? Does services are specify to industry or domain or specialization? What tools and technology are you using to enable your business? How satisfied are your customers? What is the lifetime value of a customer?

MNJ Software offers our clients tailored services linking strategy, innovation and technology; from inception to implementation. Each service offering is supported by a global network of expert knowledge management infrastructure ensures innovative and proven methodologies and tools are available for the benefit of our clients anywhere in the world.

By Service Type By Service Type - Services specific to specific needs.
MNJ Software, engaged in providing software solutions world wide, intends to offer flexible business-centered services in the most simplified way possible. Our quality and cost-effective solutions compliment our client's specific business needs. Learn more

By Business Need By Business Need - Transforming business needs into reality.
We offer progressive solutions for financial markets. We deliver the scalability, extreme availability and flexibility for the expanding volumes of the world's largest trading floors.  Learn more

By Industry By Industry - Find solutions that meet your specific needs.
Achieve your business vision with comprehensive solutions tailored for your industry. Organizations across all industries are faced with a vast array of IT challenges, such as extending the value of existing systems, integration and connectivity between disparate systems and optimizing business process management. Learn more

By Consulting By Consulting - Infusing Life in Business.
You cannot do business tommorrow with yesterdays methods. Learn how to build and sustain grdual growth with latest technology in a cost effective way. Possible business benefits include revenue uplift, cost reduction, and productivity gain while benefits include lowered development and maintenance costs and increased code re-use.Learn more

Outsourcing Outsourcing - We not only Promise, we deliver. Technology initiatives with either an enterprise-wide or customer-focused scope are inherently complex and effort, time, and knowledge intensive. These require specialized skills to innovate and stay abreast of latest technology trends while continually moving up the technology value chain. Learn more

Testing & QA Testing & QA - Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
MNJ Software offers systems & resources for QA & testing to keep pace with or enhance your internal processes & systems. Learn more

Training Training - Speed past the competition. Manage Change, Accelerate Growth, Integrate Globally
It is imperative to ensure that IT investments help rationalize costs and provide the intelligence to optimize inter-modal flows, both from a cargo and freight route perspective. Learn more