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These criteria are to be viewed by potential consulting partner candidates before completing the Consulting Partner Program online application form. Applying partners should be expected to show how they meet of each of the required criteria. The criteria listed under “Other Considerations” may be used when considering the applying partner application but these criteria are not weighted enough to overcome the required criteria.

All partner selections are made at the discretion of MNJ. Meeting the minimum required criteria does not guarantee entrance into the MNJ Partner Program.

Potential applicants will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by a review board consisting of Consulting Services and Channels management. Applicants should expect correspondence concerning their status once the review board has made its final decision.

Minimum Required Criteria for Partnership Consideration:

Financial Stability

The applying organization must have a minimum of three years of profitability and a credit rating acceptable to MNJ to be considered as a candidate for consulting partner. This section may be modified if the applying partner meets one of the “Special Considerations” criteria listed below.

Industry Expertise

The applying organization must have a minimum of three years of proven industry experience in the solution area which they are seeking a consulting services agreement. Proof of industry experience will be considered by recognized industry certifications and accreditations, as well as, customer implementation history.

Client Base

The applying organization must have at least three MNJ solution specific customer references or five industry specific customer references on implementations completed within the past two years of the application date.

MNJ Executive Sponsorship

The applying organization must have written endorsement of a MNJ Area Director or MNJ Country Manager and the corresponding Channels Vice President for the geography the organization is applying. The endorsement must include a summary of why the applying consulting partner organization is critical to the long term success of MNJ.

Other Considerations:

Solution Offering

The applying organization may have developed a unique solution on a MNJ platform. This partner developed solution may provide considerable added value to the MNJ’s portfolio and the applying partner may provide solution specific implementation skills.

Local Presence/Geographic Coverage

The applying organization may provide implementation skills in a geographic area that MNJ views as an emerging market. Our existing partners and MNJ may not have enough skilled resources to source the engagements in the geographic areas where the applying organization has skilled implementation resources.

Market Reputation

The applying organization is recognized by industry analysts and peer companies as a leader in specific ITIL or ITSM disciplines.