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DevOps Services, Solutions & Implementation

MNJ Software, a trusted IT solutions firm, provides cutting-edge DevOps services to automate business operations. Given today’s cut-throat competition, organizations can’t afford any lag in their service delivery. DevOps automates the application or service delivery lifecycle, which in turn reduces resource wastage. Our team of IT professionals help businesses leverage DevOps services to improve the quality and reliability of their business-centric applications. DevOps acts as a mediator between development and operation process, thereby helping organizations assess and prepare a roadmap for their service delivery. It also act as a facilitator for collaboration among parties for a seamless and continuous service delivery.

DevOps Services Features of DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • Assess the present DevOps state, culture, process, and tool chain to quantify the maturity model
  • Create a roadmap after visualizing the-desired state
  • Recognize traceable metrics
Framework and Tool Stack Construction
  • Develop a framework to execute the standard DevOps setup
  • Leverage existing tools while integrating them with an open source and licensed tools environment
Managed Services
  • Improves skills, process, and tools for the user
End-to-End Implementation
  • Analyze, design, construct, automate and implement the product in accordance with the identifiable needs of the project
Advantages of DevOps Services
  • Automated deployment
  • Lower infrastructure cost
  • Streamline delivery
  • Lower production defects
  • Increased security
  • Faster deployment times
  • Improved recovery time
  • Shortening lead time between fixes
  • Cost reduction across application and service delivery
  • Improved service delivery and team productivity
Why MNJ for DevOps Services & Implementation
  • 24/7/365 email and technical call support
  • Customized DevOps solutions tailored to diverse business needs
  • Fair and ethical business practices
  • Team of experts with in-depth knowledge on DevOps solutions
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Reasonable DevOps service packages

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