operation outsourcing

Installation, Configuration and Setup

MNJ customer service professionals are qualified and certified from the world wide technology leaders. We have a powerful technical staffs that are capable of installing and configuring your networking equipment to operate with the maximum possible power. The high level know-how of our staff helps us overcoming the technical difficulties inherited in the internetworking systems installations.

  • Desktop Operation Management
  • Help Desk Activities
  • Asset Management
  • System Administration
  • Suppliers Management
MNJ customer service deals with numerous local and abroad suppliers. We have our system to handle all the transactions related to our suppliers so as to maintain smooth business cycle. This direct reflects into our performance towards our customers.
  • Quality Business Process
    At MNJ customer service, every transaction has to be done with quality in mind. That is why we are different. We do not only deliver the service but we deliver it with quality. We could help you to stables your IT business process and maintaining it with a frequent quality audit.
  • Performance Measures and Audit
    To make sure that our internal processes are effective and efficient, we have our periodic internal and external audits. We use the output of these audits for further improvement to our system.
  • Professional Service Reporting
    While delivering our services to MNJ customers, we are documenting these services professionally to be able to track the different transactions related to specific customer or specific technology.
Today's business executives face a unique combination of challenges, including the rapid growth of e-business, the rapid pace of technological innovation and an uncertain economy. The success of your business depends upon your ability to optimise your operations within this changing environment. We can help. Our clients buy our experience, assets and expertise to help them manage operations areas, maybe using an outsourced model.