customer relationship management

Personalize offerings for your customers

Do you really know your customers? How do they like to interact with you? How well is your online channel performing? Can you anticipate their changing needs? Are they advocates for your brand or will they easily move to your competitor? By learning more about their lifetime behaviors, you can develop stronger relationships and increase loyalty. MNJ Software offers strategic customer relationship management (CRM) solutions tailored to specific industry processes that can promote growth and profitability by providing a compelling, consistent customer experience across channels.


MNJ Software CRM solutions enable a better understanding of customer sets and expectations to improve interactions with your employees and online systems. We offer:

  • Technology platforms that align business units across departments, enabling collaborative information sharing.
  • Strategic alliances with world-leading application providers including Oracle, SAP, Avaya, Genesys, Infor, KANA, and Nortel.
  • Extensive industry-specific strategy, implementation, integration and infrastructure expertise.
  • The right mix of hardware, software and services that can help drive a successful CRM implementation at your company.

Our CRM solutions are based on customer-focused strategies, incorporate all necessary departments, and are built on a scalable architecture that can start small but adjust to growing volumes of data. We have technology integration and project management expertise to help ensure a successful, consistent implementation across your business processes. Let MNJ Software help you turn customers into advocates, while driving profitability and growth across your organization.