edu suite

Higher education providers around the world operate in an increasingly competitive set of markets. It has become a global industry and today Information Technology is one of the key competitive advantages that education providers harness.

An efficient IT infrastructure is a necessity today, which drives the business of successful institutes. Keeping in mind the changing needs of the education market, MNJ Software has developed EDUSuite, an integrated education management system that forms the backbone of your institute. You can leverage upon the benefits of MNJ Software EDUSuite for increasing operational efficiencies and quality of service.

MNJ Software EDUSuite is a complex suite of applications, which makes the process of adapting to new technology very simple and straightforward.

With education business getting increasingly complex and the opportunities Information Technology has provided it becomes imperative for today's institutes to invest in newer technologies.


Our ready to use software modules ensure that your IT infrastructure is up and running in a matter of days. Our educational consultants understand your business needs and analyze your existing infrastructure and business processes. Their tremendous experience in the education business helps you achieve your requirements effortlessly in the minimal time frame.


MNJ Software EDUSuite comprise of following suite of applications:

» Campus Management

» Time Table and Scheduling

» Course Management

» Accounts & Ledgers

» Fee Schemes

» Payroll Processing

» Facility Management (Classrooms, Labs, etc.)

» Materials & Inventory

» Supplier Management Procurements & Stores

» Management Information System

» Payments

» Student Registration & Administration

» Invoices

» Attendance

» Library Management

» Examinations & Assessment Scholarships

» Corporate Training Programs

» Hostel Management

» Lecturer Management

» System Setup

» Lecturer Evaluation

» eLearning Knowledge Management

All these applications help institutes automate and seamlessly integrate their existing business processes thereby eliminating data redundancy. It empowers the management and the administration by providing accurate information at the right time and at the right place. It improves communication between faculty and students, and reduces costs by streamlining administrative processes.


MNJ Software EDUSuite assists institutes in e-enabling their education delivery model by using our cutting-edge software tools viz. eLearning and Knowledge Management. The institutes can harness the power of Internet to increase their reach and target more people with the same infrastructure and resources.


"Value-added" is a popular term in businesses today. How does the technology initiative add value to the existing systems of the institute? Many of such technology initiatives today are devoted to building basic hardware and networked infrastructure. We go a step further and are providing ready to use software applications, which will breathe life in such networks and platforms.


Above all, a successful technology initiative by way of investments in our internationally acclaimed software MNJ Software EDUSuite, your ability to secure funding from both private foundations and government agencies will get a tremendous boost. It will also help in attracting top students and faculty.


A quick glance over the benefits of MNJ Software EDUSuite for faculty members will convince you of its utility.

  • Manage booking / cancellation of institute facilities for their lectures, lab sessions, discussion groups, etc.
  • Payroll processing which results in hassle-free and less time consuming processing of the faculty members dues.
  • Manage their timetable on behalf of the institute as well as their own professional time.
  • Knowledge management system for their research work.
  • Collaboration software for effective and fast communication with their peers and students.
  • eLearning tools for delivering education in an innovative way.
  • Get a program evaluated by students and keep up with the times
  • Manage their research projects.
  • Assess and evaluate their students, which help them in identifying weaker areas of their students.