pratice management system

Practice Management System Software Suite addresses all the activities of a clinic.

MNJ Practice Management System provides a fully integrated, user friendly and customizable solution designed to address all the functionalities in a clinic. The system provides clinics with a robust and efficient solution, which manages appointments, registrations, episode and encounter management, patient EMR, billing, referral management and medication management.

The solution provides vital patient data where it is necessary at the point of care. MIS reporting enables the management to take knowledge-based decisions and to monitor resource utilization. The solution can be used by General Practitioners, specialty clinics, poly-clinics and can also be used by multi-clinic organisations.

More patient interaction: Physicians are relieved of tedious administration work to allow them to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Patient tracking: EMR built into the MNJ Clinic management helps track patient's condition for long term care.

Financials: Ability to monitor and control payment, collection and billing.

Administration: Manages all the day-to-day processes of clinics.

Recourse Management: Better management of resources through schedulers.

Integrated solution: Inventory tracking, appointment scheduling and integrated billing can be done from one place.

SOAP: The data is captured in SOAP methodology (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan). Alerts: Alerts for allergies and contraindications are built into MNJ Clinic management. Customizable: The entire workflow of the product is customizable and is work list driven.

EMR : The electronic medical record in the MNJ Clinic management is both Generic and Specialty based. It captures comprehensive medical/surgical history.

Compliance to international standards: MNJ Clinic management complies to international standards like HL7, HIPPA, SNOMED, ICD-10 etc.

E-prescription: Helps in reducing prescription related errors due to illegible handwriting, reduces time for renewals, raises alerts regarding drug to drug interaction.

Patient portal: MNJ Clinic management has built-in patient portal for appointment scheduling and report viewing.

Material management: Integrated dispensing and inventory control.

Architecture: MNJ Clinic management can be deployed in a centralized as well as distributed architecture.