management team

Praveen Yadav, Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, As the CEO, oversees the Strategic Directions, Policy Framework, Organisation Building and Carrier Relations. With the right mix of experience in Management, Technology and Design, he spearheads the company's dream of translating the MNJ of Web-enabled Open Systems, New Media, Wireless/ Telecom and Embedded Systems into compelling tools and services. He is based in New Delhi, India. Mr. Praveen holds an Master engineering degree in Information Technology. Please e-mail us at

Mohit Sharma, Executive Vice President, Customer Solution

Mohit Sharma heads Solutions Engineering and Customer Management at MNJ Software. He also directs strategic initiatives with key partners to jointly develop advanced solutions to meet emerging industry demands. Mr. Sharma brings extensive domain knowledge in HealthCare. Prior to joining MNJ Software, Mr. Sharma held various positions in R&D and operations with HealthCare Sector. He has authored numerous international publications and holds patents in areas of HealthCare. Mr. Sharma holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from the REC, India.

Vikram Singh, COO, MNJ Software, India

Vikram is responsible for managing the operational capabilities at MNJ Software's development center. Under his stewardship, the company’s operations have successfully grown in personnel, infrastructure and capabilities. Mr. Vikram has extensive experience in large-scale project management, resource and capacity management, establishing quality processes and fast ramp-ups. In his capacity as head of the development center, he is responsible for all project delivery and also acts as a liaison between clients and engineering teams. He has been responsible for managing implementations in several domains including SCADA systems, regulatory pharmaceuticals, product engineering and manufacturing optimization.

Ankur Pandey, CTO, MNJ Software, India

Ankur Pandey is responsible for driving technical strategies and plans for MNJ Software’s service offerings. He mentors MNJ Software’s development teams and technical leadership and works closely with clients to help them maximize their success. With more than 12 years of experience in software architecture, design and development, Mr. Gupta brings diverse technology expertise to MNJ Software. He has extensive experience in the architecture of portal solutions, workflow systems, eCommerce platforms, eLearning solutions, business intelligence and reporting systems. He is responsible for all hiring and training of technical personnel and been instrumental in building a world-class engineering team at MNJ Software’s development center. Mr. Gupta holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree.