marketing sales services

Marketing, Sales and Service (MSS) practice works with clients to design and implement a differential customer experience which will drive acquisition and retention, whilst identifying new groups.

Through effective management and coordination of customer interactions across channels, departments, lines of business, and geographies, companies are able to maximise the value of every customer interaction and provide a unique customer experience. When operated efficiently and effectively, implementation of the right customer experience contributes directly to shareholder value.

Our MSS solutions drive business results for our clients by enriching the Customer Experience through Marketing , Sales   and Service Transformation.

Optimising Customer Experience Investments

The end goal of any Customer Experience investment should be steady, predictable increase of business results, such as free cash flow and earnings per share. In addition, other anticipated qualitative improvements are customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer relationship improvements.

Our offers are both horizontal and industry-specific solutions to address key challenges in your industry.


  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Proposition Development
  • Customer and Channel Strategy
  • Campaign Interactions


  • Sales Strategy and Organisation Structure
  • Customer Planning
  • Sales Operations Management
  • Behaviour and Performance


  • Customer Contact Strategy
  • Customer Contact Design
  • Contact Channel Set-Up
  • Contact Centre Optimisation
  • Operation Performance Improvement