cloud enablement services

The cloud offers huge benefits to organizations but is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Before you can safely move your business to the cloud, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed. For starters, the cloud gives you access to many applications, making it important to identify the ones that apply to your organizational needs. MNJ Software provides top-notch cloud enablement services to help you craft and implement an effective cloud strategy starting with an assessment of your current Business and IT Applications to come up with an effective and comprehensive cloud migration strategy for part or all of your computing workloads.

What we do

Our experts collaborate with your infrastructure manager to identify gaps that exist at the current solution level in terms of security, architecture state, and governance, which may transform into formidable challenges during your migration to the cloud. This makes it easy for infrastructure managers to discover the capacity they require to effectively cater to workloads and reduce expenses and optimize the use of available infrastructure.

Cloud Enablement Services

The Process of Cloud Enablement Services

Planning Stage – Cloud Discovery and Design

Involves planning the size of cloud resources through a process of application catalogue and cloud readiness evaluation, as it is important to anticipate sizing and capacity requirements for your ecosystem to stay workload efficient and cost-effective. We also help you look into Total Cost of Ownership and the Return on Investment. The design migration and estimate plan helps you accurately plan the sizing of cloud resources to meet workload projections.

Building – Cloud Orchestration Service

At this stage, we help you execute the migration of your applications and data. The service also sees the development of API’s, scripts, plugins, and other interfacing components. The other element is virtualization on VMware, OpenStack, Microsoft, and Linux KVM. The building state features the testing, integration, and validation of solutions.

Run – Cloud Automation

Our cloud automation service helps you migrate and customize your chosen products to the desired level of automation. MNJ Software helps you build complete deployment automation for IaaS or private cloud. The stage includes the development of templates, testing, and support during the rollout phase.

MNJ Advantage

There are many reasons that make us your best partner for all your cloud migration requirements. These include, but are not necessary restricted to:

  • A driven and passionate team of experts
  • 24/7 support, security, governance, and monitoring
  • Affordable rates
  • Backup and Disaster recovery
Let Us Shoulder your Cloud Migration Pains

If you are looking to harness the power of the cloud to optimize your business applications and stay competitive, you need the best help you can get for superior cloud enablement services. MNJ stands ready to help you with all your cloud migration requirements. We are passionate about technology and always meet set timelines for the completion of migration projects without any compromise on the quality of work. Talk to us today and leverage our extensive experience, cutting edge technology, strategic partnerships, and team of experts to make the cloud work for your organization. To know more about our cloud enablement services or discuss your specific requirement, contact us .