How can my company sell better, faster and more successfully than others? How do I deliver consistent sales gains every quarter?

We hear these questions everyday. Executives and sales managers everywhere are demanding better visibility, control and focus from their organizations. At MNJ Software, we recognize that creating appropriate sales and relationship processes, keeping organizations effective and deploying enabling technology are complex challenges. With MNJ Software, your company benefits from shortened sales cycles, strengthened client relationships, achievement of greater and more consistent revenues, and improved individual and team performance.

Sales Consulting services include:

Operations – Analyze performance and improve results. Create an environment for collaboration and productivity. MNJ Software helps you develop a selling organization with clear roles, responsibilities and built-in accountability. View services list

Employee Performance – Maximize productivity in your sales organization. MNJ Software helps clients increase employee effectiveness. We work with you to design processes and systems which reward, focus on, motivate and produce superior results for your business. View services list

Sales Toolbox – Enable sales productivity and maintain message consistency. MNJ Software helps you maintain the integrity of your brand and messaging while enabling your sales team with powerful selling tools throughout the sales process. View services list

Sales Technology – Deploy technology that enables real-time visibility, intelligent decision-making, process automation and collaboration.
MNJ Software recommends and employs leading technologies that automate selling processes, promote accountability, enable sales and track real-time results. View services list