digital asset management

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A 'digital asset' is any form of media that has been converted into an electronic (binary) format that has a 'value' to a company. This includes photographs, animations, videos and music. DAM involves management tasks and decisions surrounding the storage, retrieval and distribution of these digital assets. A Digital Asset Management system (DAMS) is a combination of software, hardware and professional services that provides a central location for storing, managing and accessing digital assets – both the files and the accompanying metadata.

Need for Digital Asset Management System

Any business, from a startup to a large enterprise, regardless the size, may need digital asset management solutions to ensure an optimal management of their digital files. Marketers can use the system to achieve brand consistency, sales teams can use DAM to gain access to important reports anytime and anywhere, and IT departments can remain tension-free of managing of any FTP servers. Simply put, DAM solution is a great solution for businesses to organize, share, and retrieve their digital files, and save time and money, which they can use for other objectives.

Few reasons you may need digital asset management

  • Your employees takes considerable time to find your digital assets
  • Organizing your assets is resource-intensive
  • You wish to increase your project communication and visibility
  • Your current system lacks enterprise level of security for storage, sharing, and access

Functions involved in a DAM system

  • Ingest
  • Annotate
  • Catalog
  • Store
  • Retrieve

Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

  • A user interface that is attractive and productive
  • Features that save time
  • Share and publish files of any size, instantly
  • Encourages and support workflow
  • Integrates with desktop