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Stay Current with The MNJ Software Maintenance Service

To purchase or renew your Software Maintenance Service, request a renewal quote.

If you have questions about your quote, contact the Software Maintenance Team or please contact your local representative.

What is Software Maintenance Service?

Software Maintenance Service is a fee-based program that provides you with ongoing access to support service and regular product improvements. It includes the following benefits:

  1. E-mail access to MNJ technical support engineers
  2. Access to the download section of the MNJ Web site to obtain patches, point releases, and major releases
  3. Access to trial downloads of any product in the product family
  4. Access to prerelease and beta versions of new products and upgrades

The first year of Software Maintenance Service is provided at no additional cost with all perpetual licenses; thereafter you will receive a yearly bill for the service. Software Maintenance Service is integral to all annual licenses.

How Does Software Maintenance Service Work?

After the no-cost first year on a perpetual license, you have the option to purchase Software Maintenance Service for subsequent years. The price is calculated based on your license option and on the products installed in your configuration. You will automatically receive a service bill several months in advance of your license anniversary date. If your Software Maintenance Service lapses, you may reinstate it within 4 years of the expiration date by paying for the lapsed maintenance term plus a reinstatement charge.

If you do not purchase Software Maintenance Service and you wish to upgrade to the current version of MNJ software at a later date, the upgrade price is the cost of the lapsed maintenance service term plus a reinstatement charge. If you have not enrolled in the Software Maintenance Service program for five years from your original license date, the cost to upgrade is equal to the cost of a new license. If you plan to use your MNJ software for the long term, the most cost-effective approach is to remain current under a Software Maintenance Service contract.

We believe that the purchase of software is the beginning of a relationship. To ensure that you get the most from your investment in our technology we offer a range of maintenance services in four categories: technical support, software version updates, issue reporting, and quality review.
  • Technical support services
  • Updated software version services
  • Issue reporting services
  • Quality review services

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