distribution release management

Release Management

According to ITIL, the goal of Release Management is to facilitate the introduction of software and hardware releases into managed IT environments. It ensures minimal disruption to the business when Changes are introduced and is closely integrated with Change and Configuration Management to ensure that any changes to the IT infrastructure are deployed in a secure, managed roll-out.

Release Management is fully integrated with Change Management and the CMDB. The Workflow functionality provides a high level of control over Changes made to the CMDB. Intelligent integration with third party technologies enables the smooth coordination of major releases of hardware, software and associated documentation.

MNJ's sophisticated Workflow technology is fully utilized by the Release Management module. The intuitive Workflow engine can be used to design, build and implement Release Management processes. In addition, predefined Release templates are available out-of-the-box to fast-track implementation of Release Management.

The Release Management Workflow allows automatic updates to be made to CMDB records, including updates to relationship linkage information between Configuration Items (CIs).

MNJ Software’s automated deployment simplifies an otherwise complex or error-prone manual process. Our solutions ensure that the appropriate files are automatically deployed to the correct locations throughout the software development process, simplifying the management of highly distributed production environments even easier for you. Through one screen, you can easily track and manage even highly distributed packages. MNJ Software deploys all components to appropriate target locations at every stage, and gathers, packages, distributes, and installs application components to all target platforms on a secure, authorized basis. With MNJ Software, you can rest assured that deployment will be a predictable, accurate, and secure process.