changerequest management

MNJ Software Change Management solution allows development organizations to control, communicate and respond more effectively to rapidly changing business demands. Furthermore, these integrated configuration and change management capabilities can be easily expanded across all phases of the application development lifecycle, including IT project and portfolio management, requirements definition & management (RDM), analysis and design, and lifecycle quality management .

The result is better visibility, increased responsiveness, greater predictability and improved software applications and systems

Tackle the Dual Challenges of Effective Change Management

MNJ's Change Management solution addresses the dual challenges of effective change management:
  • Activity & Asset Management and
  • Geographically Distributed Development.
This approach helps your organization remain agile and responsive to shifting business needs by enabling you to:
  • Follow process-driven work practices, focused on controlled activity and asset management
  • Specify, validate and communicate changing requirements, plans, resources and software deliverables quickly and simultaneously to distributed teams
  • Track and manage change activities associated with assets, while maintaining traceability between them
  • Support geographically distributed development teams with a scalable, expandable and secure infrastructure that integrates with your software development life cycle (SDLC) tools
Software Change Management


Lots of Developers, Various Environments, Many Applications.

Your developers often use many disparate applications that make it difficult for you, as a development manager, to see the big picture and manage changes and releases. Add to this the fact that your developers need to have complete knowledge of complex directory objects or library structures to find, distribute, or promote code and you have a big challenge. We call it development “housekeeping” but it’s like dealing with air traffic control at a busy airport.


Your developers should spend their time coding—not finding, routing, and tracking everything they do. You want to know what state the applications are in at any given point, track them when they’re changed or released, and report on them. And business management wants you to keep costs down and meet regulatory standards. How do you do this with everyone up to something different?

Air Traffic Control for Development.

MNJ Software lets your development teams continue to go about their business without impacting the way they develop software. Our change and release management solutions allow you to automatically see, capture, track, and report on changes in the software development lifecycle, anywhere, at any time. As a manager, you’ll know and control what’s going on at any time, while letting your developers develop and collaborate.

We provide enforceable, traceable processes from the moment a change request is issued or a bug is reported to an application’s release into production—all without changing the way your developers work. MNJ Software works in diverse environments giving you the added flexibility to get a solution that works for you and your development team.


And because MNJ Software traces all the steps your developers take to make changes, you can easily control processes, thereby keeping costs down. This allows your company to meet regulatory compliance and speed up software delivery times. What’s more, all the information is stored in a single repository, so data is readily accessible and retrievable at any time.Everyone—developers, managers and business—can keep doing what they do!

Seeing Everything in One Place

MNJ Software automatically builds, organizes, and maintains a central inventory of all application components. You can easily view and access all the application components by business function at various stages, across multiple environments, and in conjunction with multiple project teams. And to top this off, it is done all from one screen!

Automatically Managing Releases and Distribution

Applications can be broken down into versions or releases. This helps maintain custom versions or modified packaged applications. Our solutions even let your developers maintain a production version concurrently with a new version under development.

  • Improving Software Quality and Reducing Cost.

    With the complete ability to capture, see, track, and report on all changes and releases, you now have the capability to maintain package integrity and automate workflow. With that kind of insight and control, you can manage quality and reduce cost.

  • Making Developers Happy.

    Besides staying out of their sandbox, you can let your developers collaborate with other team members, concurrently, no matter where they are. Plus, they can use whatever version control tool, testing application, or IDE they choose. Our solutions let developers do what they do best—develop software.

  • Calming Business Management’s Concerns.

    Wouldn’t it be great to tell business management that you have it all under control and that, short of a disaster, you will release an application on time and on budget? Well now you can. You can always view, control, and report to auditors every change, all along the development road. We make achieving IT compliance an easy process. Who knew it could be so painless? And, if that isn’t enough, you’ll be able to improve productivity and deliver high quality software.

  • Don’t Recreate Code.

    If you are building code for things like web services, our solutions help you reuse what you’ve already built. We provide you with a logical metadata registry that stores all your services along with comprehensive descriptive and usage metadata for each one. That makes them easier to find, so you can quickly assemble them into applications rather than build new services from scratch. Your developers can spend time on new coding, not lost in hunting repositories.