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Reduce Rework Through Improved Software Requirements Definition & Management Practices

Inaccurate requirements definition and the inability to manage change are root causes linked to project failure and rework. Improving requirements definition at the start and then effectively managing those requirements throughout the application lifecycle help reduce rework activity and results in applications that more accurately reflect end users’ needs. MNJ's Requirements Definition & Management solution enables IT organizations to predictably deliver software by getting requirements right the first time and ensuring business-IT alignment throughout the software lifecycle.
  • Software Requirements Definition: Produce accurate and complete requirements by eliciting, specifying, analyzing and validating requirements early during a collaborative requirements process involving all stakeholders, including business staff, analysts and delivery practitioners
  • Software Requirements Management: Deliver the right software earlier and consistently by tracking progress and priorities, communicating changes and tracing requirements from implementation through testing

Unique Process-Driven Approach to Software Requirements Definition & Requirements Management

The MNJ Software Requirements Definition & Software Management solution is an iterative and collaborative approach for defining and managing software requirements across the five critical requirements process areas—elicitation, analysis, specification, validation and management.

Requirements Definition and Management Process Areas

  • Elicitation: Gain closer alignment between business expectations and project deliverables, resulting in increased satisfaction from delivered projects
  • Analysis: Deliver greater value to business stakeholders based on stronger alignment between business and IT, enabling business stakeholders to provide more value to their customers
  • Specification: Speed development and reduce software defects by understanding requirements better at the beginning
  • Validation: Improve accuracy and completeness and increase overall satisfaction with an automated graphical validation process
  • Management: Enable better scope control, improved impact analysis for requirements changes and more reliable project planning for all project stakeholders
Requirements Definition & Management Graphic