data services

MNJ Software recognizes that any data-based solution such as a CRM or ERP system or a data warehouse is only as good as the data it contains, and hence the information and knowledge it can yield. To this end, MNJ Software offers a variety of database management oriented services aimed at improving an organization's business intelligence. This improves both user confidence and user adoption – and reduces your overall cost of doing business.

Data Migration

MNJ Software's data migration services encompass the process of transferring data from one system to another. Data migration is necessary when an organization decides to use a new computing system or database management system that is incompatible with the current system or is meant to replace it. MNJ Software works with clients to understand, at the most detailed level, the business rules for transferring the necessary data. A data map – the crux of the data migration process – is produced, which details the data object and field mappings between the source system or file(s) and the new system. Then, typically, the data migration is performed using the right tools and/or scripts that automatically transfer the data. And, in all cases, MNJ Software utilizes a standard methodology which includes multiple validation and QA steps to ensure proper results.

Data Cleansing & De-duplication

MNJ Software has extensive experience working with clients to improve the quality of the data in a system. De-duplication is a common activity performed, requiring detailed identification of what constitutes duplicate records and the programming and careful execution of the de-duplication process. Data cleansing is another key data quality improvement activity MNJ Software performs. This generally involves address data validation and correction. Cleansing may also include the transformation of data from its current state to a pre-defined, standardized format using automated logic. Finally, it may also involve the process of manipulating the data extracted from operational systems in order to make it usable by a data warehouse or another system.

Database Services

Data Enrichment

MNJ Software often works with third parties on behalf of our clients to enrich the data in their systems. These services involve updating or adding data elements to the information already stored in the client's database -- for example, address/contact information or company demographic/statistical data.

Ongoing Data Quality Management (DQM)

Data entered into a system represents a snapshot in time. Businesses move, contacts change, statistics are revised. Keeping data fresh and accurate is an ongoing project, and MNJ Software can help you put processes in place to maintain your data quality over time. We have tools that we use and can recommend, and we offer programs that allow you to outsource aspects of your DQM to us. In all engagements, we help clients assess the level of integrity of their existing data, identify the adjustments needed to meet their business intelligence needs, and assist or execute on the actions needed.

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