strategic changes

Businesses today cannot survive, let alone prosper, without leveraging diverse technologies into their long-term strategy and day-to-day operations. And a business strategy can only be meaningful and remain relevant if it incorporates a strong sense of how current and future technologies will help shape and fulfil – and potentially threaten – market, customer and product strategies. Think of it as strategy propelled by technology.

MNJ Business Consulting Services’ Strategy and Change (S&C) practice works with leading companies to envision their future strategies, operationalise those strategies and transform their enterprises. Our business, operations, technology and organisation strategy consultants – in conjunction with MNJ Research and leading academics — are developing and executing technology-driven strategies at some of the world’s leading companies.

As a trusted business and strategy adviser, we help clients envision and plan transformation, enhance competitiveness and create new sources of economic value by:
  • Tapping into MNJ’s business innovation, research and technology leadership to create leading-edge business and technology strategies
  • Developing industry-specific points of view that help drive clients’ strategies
  • Creating implementable strategies tied to solutions that can be quickly delivered to clients
  • Leveraging MNJ’s global reach, financing options and first-hand transformation experience.