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Colocation Server Hosting Services

MNJ Software is a leading Data Centre Colocation services provider in India. Whether you require managed colocation or prefer a hands-on approach, MNJ colocation services give you a reason to eliminate the need to build, staff, and manage in-house data centers and server rooms. Our secure data centers are conveniently located in India and other major metropolitan areas. MNJ Software ensures trouble-free colocation and migration to its scalable and secure data centers. Colocate and migrate your IT infrastructure to our data centers and enjoy several cost and resource benefits, while focusing on your business needs.

Understanding Colocation Services

Colocation services provide the complete infrastructure for your business’ servers. The colocation service provider takes care of every requirement from the building, power, bandwidth, cooling, and security, which your servers need. Given this, collocation is a great solution for any company that needs to move or expand its data center. By tying up with a colocation service provider such as MNJ, you can reduce your IT maintenance costs to a large extent and ensure greater connectivity, security, and stability for your business. Stop worrying about any potential power outage or natural disaster issues and get more time for the “real” work instead of maintaining or upgrading your company’s hardware and software.

Why Colocation Services from MNJ

MNJ Software colocation services help you safeguard your business servers and data by providing utmost secured environment. Our colocation ecosystems is where hundreds of enterprises and business partners connect to each other through their IT hardware and software. Collocate and migrate your IT infrastructure to our data center space for reliability, performance, security, and low maintenance costs.

Colocation Services - Benefits
  • Availability of dedicated, high-speed internet connectivity from multiple service providers.
  • Carrier neutral services which negate dependency over a particular service provider.
  • Allocation of dedicated power sources, coupled with viable power backup options.
  • High security measures to maintain the integrity of the physical server assembly.
  • Availability of state-of-art server hosting technologies and hardware.
  • Prompt and effective infrastructure support 24X7, 365 days a year.
  • Efficient disaster recovery and data backup options available.
  • Improved scalability of business with expansion of hosted server instance, as and when required.
  • Reduced maintenance costs on the business owner’s end.
  • Availability of N+1 redundancies incorporated into the standard infrastructure