software requirements definition

Accurately Define Software Requirements at Project Initiation

Rework typically accounts for 40% of a development organization’s total budget, and most of this rework focuses on correcting software requirements defects. MNJ's Software Requirements Definition solution is a collaborative process for collecting, documenting and validating a set of requirements to which all key project stakeholders agree, enabling you to:
  • Save time and money: Accurate upfront software requirements definition helps ensure your team works on the business problems that matter most
  • Reduce rework: Early validation and agreement by stakeholders means development and quality teams spend less time on rework
  • Improve requirement accuracy: Industry-unique collaborative storyboarding improves accuracy by promoting effective communication
Four Critical Requirements Definition Process Areas

MNJ's Software Requirements Definition solution helps organizations with four process areas critical to requirements definition: elicitation, analysis, specification and validation.

  • Elicitation: Gain closer alignment between business expectations and project deliverables, resulting in increased satisfaction from delivered projects
  • Analysis: Deliver greater value to business stakeholders based on stronger alignment between business and IT, enabling business stakeholders to provide more value to their customers
  • Specification: speed development and reduce software defects by understanding requirements better at the beginning
  • Validation: improve accuracy and completeness and increase overall satisfaction with an automated graphical validation process