requirements based testing

Requirements-Based Testing Test What Matters by Aligning Business Requirements with Testing Priorities Errors and omission in defining, capturing and managing business requirements are a leading cause of project failures, defects and downstream rework. Most companies employ some method of requirements management and some form of software quality testing, but most do not—or cannot—link them together. Moreover, the focus is typically on testing code after it is delivered.

MNJ's Requirements-Based Testing (RBT) solution offers a fresh approach to software testing that reduces defect costs, keeps you on schedule and aligns requirements with quality at the beginning of a project, ensuring that your final deliverables consistently meet business needs. This business-focused, requirements-based testing is made possible because MNJ's RBT solution enables you to:
  • Gather complete requirements, including details about quality expectations
  • Trace and prioritize testing as part of a requirements management process
  • Create and manage testing requirements, resulting in the most effective test plans and the best use of test automation.