software test automation

Drive Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Find More Defects, Earlier, with Software Test Automation

In business today, poor quality software applications can increase costs, impact revenue and negatively affect reputation and brand recognition. Software test automation has long been recognized for its potential to improve the breadth of testing by reducing redundant, manual testing and maximizing repeatability and test accuracy. However, high costs and maintenance have plagued these traditional approaches. MNJ's efficient and cost-effective approach to Software Test Automation helps ensure that your software applications meet the performance, functional and service-level expectations of your users, customers and business partners.

Software Test Automation Solutions from MNJ


We help you reduce the business risk associated with releasing applications of unknown quality, reliability, performance and compliance by automating three critical software test areas: Continuous Integration and Test, Automated Functional Testing and Software Performance Testing.

Automated Functional Testing

MNJ's Automated Functional Testing solution provides robust, maintainable and cost-effective functional test automation, ensuring reduced business costs and increased application quality.

  • Consistently ensure functional correctness
  • Validate end-user quality
  • Maximize productivity by automating repetitive and error-prone tasks
  • Focus on meaningful testing and analysis instead of complex or fragile script maintenance
  • Reduce test cycles, leading to on-time and early delivery
  • Support more agile development processes that require frequent and faster test cycles
Software Performance and Load Testing

MNJ's Software Performance and Load Testing solution helps your organization avoid the catastrophic effects of application performance failures, such as lost customers and revenue, lack of end-user adoption and even erosion of company reputation.

  • A cost-effective, easy-to-deploy-and-share solution without the typical project and application-environment limitations
  • Performance diagnostics built specifically for load testing
  • Workflow and visualization that enables quick new-user adoption and efficiency
  • Proven, powerful technology that is well respected in the QA industry