Some of the flexibility features:

  • HIGHLY PARAMETERISED - We believe that every user organisation is distinctive in terms of its policies and business rules. Hence MNJ-Information System comes with very high degree of parameterization, which allows for easy adaptability to suit individual organisations philosophies. Almost entire business logic of system is defined through parameters which are set by user from within the application. This can be altered at any stage in future without any need for help from software manufacturer/implementers. The system will automatically take care of changed parameters.

  • MODULARITY – The functional features available through MNJ-Information System are categorized in terms of modules. Each module maps group of functions performed by a department or common functions performed across all departments. The system is completely modular in nature and user organisation can pick and choose combination of modules for implementation at will. This provides flexibility to the user organisation to computerize as per their requirement and priority.

  • USER-TERMINAL-MODULE INDEPENDENT – MNJ-Information System has been designed in such a way that based on access rights any user can operate any function from any computer terminal. It does not restrict modules to terminals and thus allow complete flexibility to shift any work to any terminal if required.

  • DATABASE INDEPENDENT – MNJ-Information System has been designed as database independent application. At present it supports Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server 2005, MySQL and DB2. This allows user organisation to save on investment already done on industry standard RDBMS software.

  • CUSTOMISABLE –MNJ-Information System is highly parameterized and will rarely require customization still we have a dedicated team to take care of this task if need arises.