Some of the technology features:

  • MNJ + MICROSOFT + ORACLE – MNJ-Information System Information System Environment is amalgamation of technical expertise of the best names of IT industry in their respective fields. It has Front End/Middle Tier on Microsoft's .NET platform, Backend on Oracle's RDBMS and complete system runs on Windows XP or higher version on client terminals.

  • EMERGING WEB STANDARDS/FUTURE PROOFING – It has followed open standards and protocols like SOA and web services.

  • MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY – MNJ-Information System has been developed on Microsoft's enterprise grade software environment .NET. It is WINDOWS based 32 bit software which runs best on high resolution of 1024 x 786

  • CLIENT/SERVER TECHNOLOGY – To achieve best of the resources available architecture of MNJ-Information System is based on client/server technology. It has been developed on a 4-tier architecture. System uses resources of client terminals in fat client environment.

  • RUNS OVER WAN/ SUPPORT REMOTE USERS WORKING ON TERMINAL SERVER – MNJ-Information System can be used over a wide area network using Terminal Servers of proprietary technology like CITRIX. RUNS ON MICROSOFT TERMINAL SERVER (NOT MANDATORY)

  • DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING – MNJ-Information System architecture is based on distributed computing environment. It allows us to fully utilize the processing capability of FAT clients which are used in majority of the cases as user's terminal/work station and to work with servers of normal configuration as load on server is reduced.

  • DEVELOPED USING OOAD & AGILE METHODOLOGY – Entire application has been developed using OOAD and Agile methodology. Object orientation gives the software tremendous flexibility for future extension. Agile methodology has ensured that end users have been an integral part of design & development process

  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE FILE TYPES/SYSTEMS - MNJ-Information System interacts with multiple file types like image files (.BMP/.JPEG/.DCM etc). Several modules of the application come with option of using barcode or smart card etc. The system supports Dot Matrix, Laser, Ink Jet & Thermal Printers and user organisation can choose any combination

  • REAL TIME ONLINE STORAGE & ARCHIVAL OF DATA – MNJ-Information System has facilities to take backup of data without stopping the application on any media of user's choice. It allows continuity of working with ease of SA work.

  • SOFTWARE AUTO UPDATES FEATURE – For any kind of update in the software changes are made only at server and it is automatically implemented at all client terminals. This saves valuable time of IT department