Some of the security features:

  • DATA SECURITY – MNJ-Information System uses RDBMS for storing data which is more secure than DBMS or file based environment of data storage. MNJ-Information System is compatible with enterprise level RDBMS software like Oracle 10g whose security in unbreakable.

  • NETWORK SECURITY – In case of large establishments MNJ-Information System can employ hardware and software systems to ensure network security. This includes monitoring mechanism for network traffic, optical fiber to stop data leakages etc.

  • APPLICATION SECURITY – MNJ-Information System has extensive features to ensure security of application like menu level / button level access control. It also has unique features like service level activity control etc.

  • CONTINGENCY PLANNING – Although MNJ-Information System has facility for taking backup and restore data, based on clients requirement it can also provide advanced contingency features like mirror server etc.

  • RELIABILITY – MNJ-Information System distributed computing environment also ensures that if any machine/component is down then also system will continue to function without disruption. Other computers do not get affected by failure of one machine.

  • SINGLE POINT OF DATA ENTRY AND DATABASE – To strictly enforce the integrity of data, several features like locking mechanism, time out functions etc has been employed. These prevent any chances of compromise with data integrity. We have used Sophisticated, Optimized Data Locking Mechanism which has withstood the test of time

  • MACHINE SPECIFIC LOGIN FOR VERY SECURE ACCESS – MNJ-Information System is fully compatible with domain creation and access rights distribution mechanism to ensure access control on network.