Some of the performance features:

  • ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE TIME FOR KEY ONLINE TRANSACTIONS – MNJ-Information System has employed very efficient algorithm for all the operations where due to large data size, record display tends to be slow. Prudent use of server side programming has prevented this type of problem from occurring by increasing data access speed.

  • SHORT BATCH WINDOW – On certain operations where information flow is large, data structure has been designed to reduce the workload on single operations.

  • INDEPENDENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE CONSTRAINTS – The application is independent of infrastructure constraints to a very large extent. In case of large organizations where number of concurrent users will be high it is imperative to apply good network design and equipments to provide very efficient services. Otherwise the system requires almost negligible investment in high end hardware

  • SIMPLICITY OF BUSINESS RULES – MNJ-Information System has been designed for efficient and fast working of end users. A principal design goal was to simplify the business rules and present it to end users where they can intuitively find it mapping their day to day work. It reduces the time taken for any operation and increase productivity.