Some of the quality features:

  • RELIABILITY – MNJ-Information System has undergone extensive tests at different stages of development as well as implementation in the past. This is to ensure reliability of the software. Testing of the software under various conditions is a never-ending process at our development centre.

  • COMPREHENSIVE DOCUMENTATION – MNJ-Information System has been developed with great emphasis on documentation. It has been done keeping in mind various Quality Control certifications. Apart from online Help, Clients are also provided with documents related to various features of software.

  • SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT – To provide complete software quality assurance there has been total emphasis on SCM. The organization has developed foolproof method of version control, identification, change control etc.

  • INDUSTRY STANDARD PROTOCOLS – MNJ-Information System has been designed and developed keeping industry standard protocols in mind. Our software architecture team works with a clear directive to strictly follow the best from industry in terms of technology as well as practices.