Some of the scalability features:

  • ANY SIZE ORGAMNJATION – MNJ-Information System has been implemented from sites with 5 user systems to 500 concurrent user systems. It is being used by retail pharmacy shop to tertiary care medical college hospital. It proves the versatility of application and its flexibility to be suitable for organizations of any size.

  • SCALABLE DATABASE SIZE – The database has been designed in such a way that it can handle data requirements of greater than 1000 bed hospital. It has features for data purging, offline/online data etc. that makes the size of database irrelevant as far as data retrieval / storage etc are concerned.

  • LARGE NUMBER OF COCURRENT USERS – MNJ-Information System is fully capable of handling any number of concurrent users at any point of time. Using latest equipment for network management, very efficient database software and excellent client/server programming has ensured this.

  • MUTIPLE SITES – With our in-house expertise in network design, we make sure that application running at different sites work without any glitches and data integrity and system reliability is maintained round the clock.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH INCREASED TRANSACTION VOLUMES – The database of MNJ-Information System has been designed in such a way that it can handle rapidly growing record that is expected in any large organisation. Prudent Server side programming has been used extensively to achieve this goal.

  • EASILIY EXPANDABLE AND UPGRADEBLE – MNJ-Information System has a very modular design and entire application has Object Orientation in it DNA. This allows us to expand the scope of application as per changing requirements of any organisation with ease