product vs custom built

Some of the product vs custom built features:

  • FASTER TIME TO DEPLOY – It is very easy and fast to deploy a software product, as the deployment process is well defined, documented and time tested. On the other hand custom-built products takes longer time to deploy as there is no precedent to anticipate any trouble.

  • PROVEN SOLUTION – A software product is a proven solution so the fear that whether it is workable or not never arises. In case of custom-built application there are several factors, like expertise of people involved, their experience etc that comes into play.

  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE COST – Maintenance cost of a product is always less than a custom built solution. Vendor is bound to solve any problem that may arise in future by taking a pre-fixed amount but for custom-built solution cost is proportional to the expenditure required. Probability of such incidents is very high in case of custom-built solutions.

  • PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS PAID FOR BY VENDOR - In case of products, any improvement in future is provided by the vendor free of cost or by taking nominal fee. But in case of custom-built application any development will require money just like the earlier attempt to develop solution.

  • CONSTANT MONITORING – Custom-built solution requires constant monitoring as application is in testing phase even after months of deployment whereas in case of products client can start using the software from the day one with full confidence.