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MNJ-HMS has developed a Windows based Hospital Management System which addresses the major functional requirement that suit small to large multi-speciality hospital.
  • Every Organisation and its decision makers go through a series of fact finding sessions before deciding in favor of any business application.
  • To find answers to those questions we need to look at the features offered by the proposed software.
  • We have noted down around 12 Frequently Asked Questions and answer them in the context of MNJ IS




1 Does it have everything that we take for granted in any standard ERP? Standard Features
2 What is so special about this which sets it apart from other software being compared? Key Solution Features
3 Is it a quality product with proven track record? Quality
4 Will it be easy enough for our staff members who are not very computer savvy? Usability
5 How accommodative it is for our specific needs? Flexibility
6 Will it slow down the speed of key operations? Performance
7 Is it based on latest technology with long shelf life and upgradeability in future? Technology
8 What about security of our business critical information? Security
9 We see our organization growing rapidly in future; will this system be able to grow along with us? Scalability
10 How best we can utilize our existing investment in IT systems? Integration
11 Why we should not get the software developed in-house? Product Vs Custom Built