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It's not enough to simply design your web site, have it optimized once for the search engines and expect it to continually rank well. SEO is an ongoing process and once you achieve higher ranking it is more important to maintain that position. If you have improved position that means some one else site lost that positions and he will try to regain that positions or improved further.

This happens because search engines keep changing their algorithm this is for sure that after every algorithm change your positions will change Sometimes this works out for the better, sometimes for the worse. So you have to always stay on top of your competitors and be prepared to react to any drop in ranking , This is where SEO maintenance plans comes in.


We provide SEO maintenance for monthly, quarterly and annual period. We monitor your web sites and changes in search engines constantly and react to it with improvements needed or alert you.

You will be receiving monthly report which includes recommendations (if any). We do minor tweaks to content and design if required. In case if your web site loses rankings we re-optimize it to fill that gap.


Services included in SEO maintenance plan:
  • Monitor Search Engine Rankings
  • Traffic Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Tweaking Meta Tags
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Adding Fresh Content
  • Boosting Link Popularity
  • Tweaking Web site Design & Structure
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