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What is links Popularity and why do you need to build links?

Link Popularity is a measure of both the quality and quantity of websites that link to your website. Link Popularity is very important when it comes to today's search engines rankings.

Most of the major search engines now count link popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, good number of Links from quality and relevant sites can actually improve your search engine rankings.

Our Link Popularity building service provides a unique solution for improving your site's link popularity. We search for the relevant and quality sites that complement your business to exchange link with your Website. Targeted link requests will be made on your behalf to relevant websites.

We analyze the link requirements for your site and plan a link campaign according to that. If your site doesn’t have a Link partners section then we create that and we will also create multiple anchor texts for link partners to use while linking to your site.

Now, to collect high quality and relevant sites that do link exchanges with other sites. We collect the sites details like URL, Pagerank, and Page where they may link to your site. We send them a personalized email requesting a link exchange with your sites. At the end of the Link building campaign we create a detailed report containing a list of link partners we collected and requested and sites which are linking back and from where they are linking back.

In Brief, your Link Popularity Rating is a combination of: 
- The number of sites linking to you
- The words that are used to describe your site in the links
- The relevance of the sites linking to you i.e. how well they relate to your subject matter
- The Link Popularity of the sites that link to you
- The Search Engine Rankings of the sites that link to you

Why to choose our Link Building Services?
We at MNJ Software offer professional & quality link building services. Some of these are outlined as below:
  • Theme based relevant links
  • Links with high page rank
  • No Redirect, dynamic or javascript links
  • No FFA (Free For All) Links
  • No Links from Pornographic or Gaming websites or directories
  • Links only from websites indexed in the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN)
  • No use of automated link building software’s
  • Links from unique domains
  • Links from pages having less then 60 outgoing links

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