internet marketing

We offer a wide range of internet marketing services that increases traffic to your website and target your customers.

Pay-per-click management services

Pay-per-click (PPC) offers your website being displayed in search engines based on selected keywords. Search engines display your website when the selected keywords are entered. You need to pay-per-click for every visitor who enters your website through that display.

In this scenario, we at MNJ provide you assistance in determining the keywords for your website. Keywords without exact relevance to your business will prove costly. We also assist you in getting cost-effective pay-per-click ads. We offer constant monitoring of the PPC ads and ensure that it is not misused by search engines or other sites.

Google adsense

Google AdSense is the process of letting Google WebSearch toolbar in your website. It is similar to pay-per-click services, but since visitor enters the related sites using Google WebSearch toolbar in your website, Google offers you a part of their ad income to you. Hence, by Google AdSense you can earn more ad revenue with minimal effort and with no additional cost.

We assist you in getting good return on Google AdSense and at the same time suggest specific competitors or specific advertisers related to your business to be filter out of the search results using COMPETITIVE AD FILTER option. We also recommend appropriate default ad in case if Google is unable to serve targeted ads on your page exercising CUSTOMIZABLE DEFAULT ADS option. We therefore ensure a good return on your website utilizing Google AdSense. 

Affiliate program

Affiliate Program is the process of placing ads of other websites/services in your website. So when a visitor enters the advertised website through your site, you will get ad revenue with no additional cost. This ad revenue can be of pay-for-a-click, percentage of the sales amount or pay for joining in their database.

We enable you to identify potential ad placers in your website and also suggest placing your ads in related websites. Proper placement of ads in related websites will increase the traffic and boost your business. On the other hand, we assist you in getting good ad placers for your site and thereby increase your ad revenues.

Email marketing

We offer marketing services through distribution of information about products, services, feedback or survey through email. We collect email addresses of customers and potential customers and then distribute information through newsletters or mass mailing about the company's product or services. This is an cost-effective method of marketing.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is the placement of ads on specific websites for a fee. We assist you on selection of websites with relevance to your business product or services and ensure placement of ads on the selected website.

Online submission

We provide services on online submission such as Manual Article submission, Trade Board, Message Board & Classified Ads submission.

Our online submission services include press release distribution, article submission, comments posting, making announcements in discussion forums and blogs. This type of internet marketing increases more traffic to your website.