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Adwords/Yahoo Campaign Development Management

The best search engine optimization campaign coexists with a well maintained and constantly modified search engine marketing plan. Take advantage of every opportunity to direct targeted traffic toward your websites. Ensure clients looking for your brand or services are directed toward your site and not that of your competition. Increase your scope in search engines by targeting hot words & phrases your site is not yet organically ranking for in SERPs (search engine result pages). Pricing for SEM Campaign Management For Google Adwords campaign research, setup & ongoing management/analysis, we charge a percentage of the total campaign budget as well as a one time set up fee. Percentage rates vary based on the size of the Google Adwords campaign.


Monthly Ad Budget

Monthly Mgmt Fee*

Initial Set Up Fee**



$1000.00 (w/ 6 or 12 mo contract)



$1500.00 (w/ 6 or 12 mo contract)



$2000.00 (w/ 6 or 12 mo contract)

$75001.00 & up


$2500.00 (w/ 6 or 12 mo contract)

*Monthly Management Fee covers the cost of ongoing research, tracking & management of Google Adwords/Yahoo Ads campaigns. It is billed as a percentage of the total monthly ad budget. For example, if you have allocated $10,000 in September for Adwords marketing, then your monthly management fee payable to MNJ is 10% of $10,000=$1,000. For very complex Adwords marketing campaigns, a higher management fee than typical may be required.

**Set Up Fee is a one time initial fee which may vary based upon the targeted market niche, extent of initial research required & complexity of the ad campaign. Set Up Fee will be higher for shorter term contracts.

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