support cost

Service and Support departments are constantly under pressure to:

  • Deliver efficient support at the lowest cost
  • Support more customers without adding resources
The MNJ Software Service Automation platform enables fast problem diagnosis and resolution so precious support resources can efficiently service more customers and perform more tasks. What's more, MNJ Software proactively averts potential support incidents, saving support costs and resources needed to resolve them. By proactively monitoring products at customer sites and automating the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of problems at the symptom stage, MNJ Software ensures maximum service uptime, improves service quality and customer satisfaction.

In short, here's how MNJ Software helps you lower support costs:

  • Reduced incidence rates – reduce the number of support calls by automating the discovery and resolution of known issues
  • Faster problem resolution – automated diagnostics and remote access enable you to quickly discover the root cause of complex problems
  • Reduced field service dispatches – prevent costly field service by automating ongoing maintenance tasks such as software upgrades or inventory management. Field visits can also be made more efficient by collecting data to diagnose the problem and determine the required activity before a technician is dispatched
  • Lower employee turnover – maintain the satisfaction of your support professionals by automating repetitive and tedious tasks and avoid costly turnover costs.