customer satisfaction

You spend considerable time, effort and money on acquiring new customers, but keeping them happy is what ensures continued business, ROI and revenue growth.

The MNJ Software Service Automation platform helps you increase customer satisfaction by proactively and automatically identifying and resolving support issues –before they cause customer disruption. Your customers get maximum system uptime and receive efficient service and assistance when they need it, while you proactively and automatically discover and resolve support issues and automate routine yet critical system maintenance and configuration tasks.

Additionally, by remotely monitoring your product at the customer site, you gain valuable customer insight which can be used to create personalized, value-add products and services that will further contribute to your customer satisfaction.

In short, MNJ Software helps you increase customer satisfaction via:

  • Proactive Support Automation - Proactively monitor your systems 24X7 and discover potential problems at the symptom stage - before they impact your customers and cause disruptions
  • Assisted Support Automation - Diagnose and solve problems faster by quickly analyzing every component of your system at the customer site – instantaneously and without disrupting your customers
  • Service Automation - Automate and schedule ongoing product maintenance and service