customer insight services

'Knowledge is Power' isn't just a saying; it’s the reality of the business world. Knowing the usage patterns of your customers – features used, frequently requested reports and data - can help you customize your offering. So how can you gear your support business to take advantage of this saying?

MNJ Software Service Automation enables you to remotely collect data to understand how customers use your products and create and offer new, innovative products that meet these needs. With automatic data feeds directly to your CRM system, you can be assured of information quality, accuracy and availability. Find out which of your customers could benefit from a new product upgrade, consulting engagement or service contract and grow service revenues.

In short, MNJ Software helps you gain customer and product insights to:

  • Offer new products and services - By automatically collecting information that enables you to understand customer usage patterns and deliver the products customers need
  • Grow service revenues - With more products they need on offer, customers buy more so you increase margins
  • Increase customer satisfaction - Your products help your customers deliver better service to their clients
  • Increase renewal rates - By delivering services customers want, you ensure contract renewals and continuity