service revenue

Industry trends clearly point to the increasing contribution of service and support to revenues. But how are some of the world’s leading companies making this a reality today?

MNJ Software Service Automation allows leading technology vendors to create new revenue streams by leveraging  proactive support automation. 

Here's how our customers use MNJ Software to make their support a profit center.

  • Increase support margins and contract renewal rates - deliver service levels your customers demand. By making support proactive and automating processes, you maximize system uptime and deliver efficient support.  Customer relations grow stronger, satisfaction increases and so do support contract renewals
  • Offer Premium Support – Package proactive support as a premium value added service that enables your customers to benefit from proactive problem discovery and resolution at the symptom stage instead of reacting to them
  • Use acquired insight to create new services and products – remotely collecting data about how your customers are using your product allows you to create new and innovative products and services. Find out which of your customers could benefit from a new product upgrade, consulting engagement or service contract and grow service revenues
  • Focus resources on revenue generation - By shortening resolution time, and automating the resolution of known issues, as well as  product maintenance  tasks, you can free your support engineers to perform value-added revenue generating tasks