Constantly changing customer demands, technological innovation, convergence and competition are just some of the tests your products must face. Arguably, the biggest burden to your bottom line is the Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can't refuse to sign them when they are the industry norm. So what can you do to ensure your SLA's are met?

MNJ Software Service Automation enables you to meet SLA goals by discovering and resolving problems before they cause service disruptions. By proactively monitoring systems deployed at customer sites and automating the discovery diagnosis and resolution of problems at the symptom stage, MNJ Software ensures system availability, improves service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In short, here's how MNJ Software helps you ensure maximum SLA compliance:

  • Automating support processes - MNJ Software helps you resolve problems faster by automating many of the tasks required for diagnosis and resolutions of technical issues, , before customer disruptions occur
  • Proactive monitoring - MNJ Software monitors deployed systems 24X7 to discover potential issues and notifies your support engineers so you can resolve problems at the symptom stage
  • Preventive maintenance - MNJ Software performs automated scheduled maintenance and upgrades to your assets at each customer site, ensuring your systems are properly configured and minimizing potential problems
  • Measure and report asset availability - MNJ Software enables you to generate comprehensive reports about asset uptime, problem and resolution time and more, so you can demonstrate compliance to your customers