eAnywhere Support Plans

For customers using eAnywhere Select products we offer the following plans to fit your needs. Specific features of these plans are highlighted in the table below.

Bronze Plan: This plan provides quality technical support for a limited number of support cases during business hours. Optional software updates are available.

Silver Plan: This offering is for companies that require high-quality around-the-clock support for critical issues, unlimited cases and online support services. Optional software updates are available. Faster response is available with the Gold Plan.

Gold Plan: This plan is designed for customers with more complex business requirements. It provides the same high-quality technical assistance as the Silver Plan, but with quicker response targets and additional customer contacts. Optional software updates are available. Even faster response and more personalized support is available with GoldPlus support.

GoldPlus Plan: For some companies, downtime is never an option and performance and stability are mission-critical. The GoldPlus Plan delivers our most comprehensive offering of prioritized and proactive support services, including:

  • Highest priority response times
  • Priority access to the enterprise technical team
  • Proactive account management services

This plan truly offers customers the ultimate in service levels and priority, and a focus on continuous improvement and getting the most from their MNJ Software eAnywhere investment. Optional software updates are available.

* The Update Subscription Plan (USP)

Support Coverage
Normal Business Hours

After-hours support
24x7 for P1
24x7 for P1
24x7 for P1

Number of Contacts

Number of Cases

Enterprise Support Team

Response Time
P1 < 1 business day
P1 < 4 hrs
P1 < 1 hrs
P1 < 30 minutes

Online Support

Software Services
Software Updates

Personalized Support
Account Management

Review Meetings


The USP is an annual plan that entitles you to receive major and minor new feature software releases made available by MNJ Software eAnywhere during the one-year term of the USP. Pricing is based on the individual product and is per copy of the product.

Looking for more information?

If you are interested in purchasing support or are looking for additional information, you have several options:

View the MNJ Software eAnywhere Support Plan brochure