software services
MNJ continuously improves its software so that you can develop information systems to keep your business on the competitive edge. Software Services enable access to these software improvements through new version releases and maintenance releases as follows:
  • New Version Releases: To keep your system current, these fully tested new version releases are issued periodically and often include new features, improved performance, and changes to ensure your MNJ products are optimized for your operating system and hardware. These releases also include fixes for software defects identified in earlier versions.
  • Maintenance Releases: MNJ periodically releases fully tested, production-quality maintenance releases, which include software fixes. These releases undergo regression testing and compatibility testing with other MNJ products to ensure the release is up to our product quality standards.
  • The Update Subscription Plan (USP): USP is an annual plan ensuring your receipt of all the major and minor new version releases for a given software product within the one-year term of the USP. USPs provide a cost savings over individual update purchases.
We believe that the purchase of software is the beginning of a relationship. To ensure that you get the most from your investment in our technology we offer a range of maintenance services in four categories: technical support, software version updates, issue reporting, and quality review.

Technical support services

Technical Support Services cover all elements of incident and problem management, to help users return to productive work as quickly as possible. Users can leverage a range of Web-based self-help services or access an expert directly by phone, e-mail, or the Internet. Each of our support professionals has a specific domain qualification and is trained to address issues in the most efficient and friendly manner.

We work closely with customers globally, offering local support desks in most countries, and can frequently interact with your professionals in their own languages to better understand problems and speed up resolution time. Different software applications and thousands of integrated solutions, the strength of our technical support services is your ability to access a global network of experts with a single call.

Users can access Web-based self-help services via an online portal which includes an extensive knowledge database. Our support experts have built the database over many years—capturing lessons learned, best practices, and problem solutions—and it is now available directly to users. The portal also provides training information and discussion forums for liaison with industry peers for enhanced workflow insight. Any support requests that you have submitted to SIS technical support staff (via phone, email or online) can be viewed, tracked and updated through the Support Portal.

Updated software version services

Having rapid access to the latest technology improvements is important to ensure maximum productivity for software users. Our objective isto provide fast, easy, and flexible ways for your organization to stay current—from software download capabilities to rapid dispatch of compact disks and other media. When you make the decision to upgrade to the latest software version, we work with you to deliver your new technology swiftly.

We also offer customized software upgrade planning and implementation services if you would rather let us manage the upgrade experience. Our Project Delivery Services ensure minimum disruption and fine-tuning to get the job done properly and optimize performance.

Issue reporting services

With sophisticated software solutions, it is inevitable that issues arise from time to time. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our software offering and believe that the ease of reporting problems is central to rapid issue identification, validation, investigation, and resolution. With that goal in mind, our people and processes focus on helping users report issues to us by phone or e-mail through our network of local help desks or the online customer support portal.

Quality review services

The SIS Quality Mission states that we will provide our customers with high-quality products, services, and solutions that meet or exceed expectations. This is accomplished through
  • dedicated teams who focus on customer satisfaction and actively participate in the continuous improvement process to ensure that customers obtain the best possible service
  • a quality management system that defines and monitors key processes and indicators; sets, measures, and reviews quality objectives; and evaluates effectiveness by means of audits
  • leadership that communicates, implements, and ensures compliance with the Quality Mission.
Listening to our customers is essential to continuously improve the quality of our services. We offer—and actively encourage all of our customers to participate in—regular service quality meetings to discuss performance and create and review any necessary action plans. In addition, we conduct an annual online customer satisfaction survey, analyze the results, and take action based on the feedback. This is all part of our commitment to ensuring that our relationship with you delivers results for your teams.