plan options
For customers who need a higher level of service and commitment

These options best suit customers who need a higher level of service and commitment for business-critical projects. They allow you to develop a closer partnership with MNJ Software. You can tailor your support to get the mix of personalized support your project requires.


  • Alliance Support for SupportNow Enterprise Plan Customers
    Direct Contact with a designated MNJ Software Alliance Engineer ensures faster resolution to technical issues. This service also provides onsite visits for planning and review of your project, system configuration and implementation plan reviews, recommendations on software management, and regular phone consultations. You can also opt to have your company's own, fully dedicated engineer.
  • Alliance Dedicated Support
    With an Alliance Engineer dedicated specifically to your company, you gain all of the benefits described above but at a more concentrated level. You can name up to eight support contacts to work with your Alliance Engineer on up to three projects. You also receive four days of onsite visits per year for planning and review of your projects as well as configuration and implementation plan reviews.
  • Privilege Support
    Privilege Support Engineers work in partnership with you, keeping you updated on case status and providing fast resolutions. An annual review meeting, in addition to monthly conference calls and case reports, helps ensure that our Support Engineers fully understand the products you are using and how they are being implemented in your projects. All of these activities help solidify the partnership and reflect the importance MNJ Software attaches to the ongoing development of customer relationships.
  • Service Now Monitoring and Alerting
    ServiceNow Monitoring and Alerting provides a turnkey option for monitoring and alerting, problem resolution, proactive performanc management, and software infrastructure maintenance. The ServiceNow Team will work behind the scenes to manage your software infrastructure precisely and proactively, while providing savings in operational overhead. The ServiceNow Team provides guidance and communicates all actions to you.


  • Migration/Upgrade Services
    New initiatives in your company may require you to either upgrade or replace your current software and/or hardware infrastructure(s). Whether you are looking to deploy to a new hardware platform or software architecture, let MNJ Software help. For migrations, we can assist with setting up a test environment, planning the move to production, installing the software and migrating your code. For upgrades, we can help configure your software to take advantage of the latest version enhancements, perform the upgrade itself, and/or tune your new environment.
  • Personalized Training
    Learn specific skills tailored to your individual situations from MNJ Software. This assistance can be performed online or over the phone at your convenience. Personalized training can include tutorials, tips, tricks, new feature overviews, performance and tuning reviews, and coding techniques.
  • SupportNow Plus Service Packs
    Available for existing Support customers, SupportNow Plus Service Packs can be purchased in blocks of 50 or 100 phone hours. The blocks are offered at a reduced cost compared with hourly rates, and can be used for upgrade planning, performance and tuning, backup strategies, installation and configuration assistance, script.stored procedure coding and tools development.