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MNJ Software helps build web based solutions that provide real estate agents, brokers, buyers and sellers with a platform to share information, communicate and transact online. The advent of technology and internet has revolutionized the way real estate business is done. The use of internet by consumers, to buy and sell real estate, has increased phenomenally over the years as a result of which real estate companies are forced to look towards the internet as a means to supplement their offline business, in order to attract and serve this ever growing community in a better manner. The internet has emerged as a powerful tool for real estate service providers to reach out and offer their services and share property information with a larger customer base. The real estate information available online enables property seekers to conduct extensive research on desired properties, in an easy and convenient manner, before making a decision regarding the property.


The internet offers several advantages and benefits over traditional means of operating, these include:
  • Online real estate solutions can be used by real estate companies as a powerful marketing tool to promote their brand and advertise their services.
  • Real estate companies can expand their area of operations by reaching out to a broader audience that includes property owners, buyers and agents spread across countries and regions.
  • The internet offers the consumer tremendous access to property, transaction and service provider related information.
  • Buyers can make general enquires online, thereby saving time and effort. It is easier for agents and sellers to track and respond to online enquires.
  • The solutions can be used as an effective tool which enables businesses to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Enables real estate agents and companies to create and maintain an extensive database of properties. Provides buyers with as easy means to access and search through the property databases.

Depending on individual requirements and the complexity of the solution, MNJ Software offers the following modes of development:

Booking Engine
Real estate companies can offer buyers with a means to book properties online. A booking engine enables property buyers to search and browse through details of properties; select the desired property and book it online. It includes an integrated secure payment gateway that facilitates and ensures safety of online transactions.

An online real estate classified application provides an easy and cost effective means for sellers, agents and buyers to post and reply to classified ads. Images can be attached with the real estate postings thereby giving these online classifieds an edge over traditional means of posting real estate classifieds. Though online classifieds property sellers, brokers etc can reach out to a larger customer base. The postings and replies to the ads are stored in a database thereby making it easier to track and respond to replies.

Real Estate/Property Database
Online solutions make it easier for real estate agents and companies to create and maintain extensive an extensive database for properties and real estate. Applications based on a Content Management System can be integrated with the solution enabling real estate companies to easily update and publish details of properties. Images and maps can be uploaded and attached to the property details.

Extensive query options can be built into the solution enabling property seekers to search and browse through details stored in the property database. Buyers can search on the basis of various parameters such as area, price range, description etc.

Virtual Tours
Virtual tours can be created enabling property buyers to view and get a feel of the property. This enables buyers, from the convenience of their homes, to visualize the property resulting in better and informed decisions regarding the property. Multimedia presentations can be used to develop interactive virtual tours for showcased properties.

Online tools
Various tools can be developed and integrated with the solution, in order to aid buyers and sellers in the process of transacting online. Some of the tools include:
  • Currency Converters – The currency converter tool can be used to calculate and view the property rates in the desired currency.
  • Calendar – Enables property seekers to check availability status before booking vacation properties. Property agents, brokers and buyers can use the calendar tool to set and view their daily/weekly and monthly schedule for property viewings and bookings.
  • Property Valuation – Property owners can access the current value of their property before offering it on sale.
  • Interest Rate Calculator – Enables property buyers to calculate the installment values and the interest amount required to be paid on purchase of the property.
Statistical and trend analysis reports such as demographics of property buyers, areas or regions preferred by buyers etc enable agents, brokers, buyers and real estate companies to study and analyze the customer behavior and trends thereby enabling them to target and offer better services to the customers.

Extensive reporting modules can be developed and integrated with the solutions enabling real estate companies to generate comprehensive reports for analytical purposes.

MNJ Software designs and develops solutions ranging from applications that serve as plug-in components, such as a booking engine, to be integrated with existing websites to developing comprehensive and robust web based applications that include all the features and aspects of an online real estate solution.

Depending on individual requirements and the complexity of the solution, MNJ Software offers the following modes of development:
  • Off-the-shelf products: Open source packages offer a wide array of functionalities and features for online real estate solutions. Off the shelf products can be easily customized to suit business requirements thereby lowering development time and leading to higher cost effectiveness. MNJ Software helps its client to implement solutions by integrating and customizing the various packages to suit their individual requirements.
  • Grounds-up development: If the complexity of the solution is high or if the desired functionalities are not available through off-the-shelf products or if a more robust and scalable platform is required, the grounds-up development mode is preferred.

    MNJ Software possess the desired knowledge and expertise to develop solutions from scratch, to meet the individual requirements of clients. Our extensive experience in various platforms and framework such as the .net framework enable us to offer the best possible solution to our clients.