online auction

MNJ Software’s solutions provide organizations with opportunities to exploit new channels for selling products and services. Our expertise and vast experience in the field of online retailing helps us in developing and customizing solutions that enable our clients to effectively manage their online auction portals. The online auction solutions developed by MNJ Software enable the creation of a global community of buyers and sellers.

With its potential to attract a large global community of sellers and buyers, online auction houses are being seen by retail and other organizations as a means to supplement and spread their area of operations. MNJ Software provides solutions that enable clients to create and manage virtual marketplaces wherein sellers are provided with the opportunity to offer their products and services on sale, for a specified time period, to the highest bidder. Buyers can browse through the elaborate online auction catalogues, containing detailed descriptions and images, and place their bids on selected items. Both buyers and sellers can view and track the bids made on the products. The solution provides the buyer with a platform to communicate directly with the seller, before placing the bid. When the auction period, during which the product is available for sale, has elapsed, the product is sold to the highest bidder. We ensure that the solutions offer secure online transaction processing by taking advantage of the latest Internet security standards, including 128-bit SSL encryption, as well as emerging credit card processing standards such as SET.

Through our solutions, clients can offer products for auction themselves, or can serve as facilitators providing a platform wherein buyers and sellers can communicate and transact with each other.

Auction websites can be of the following types:
  • Reserve: In reverse auction sites, sellers can set the minimum price at which they are willing to sell their products or services. If the highest bid does not reach the minimum price, no sale takes place.
  • Absolute: In absolute auction websites, products or service are sold to the highest bidder and are not governed by minimum price factors.
  • Open: In an open auction, the bidding starts at zero and proceeds upwards by incremental bids from potential buyers. All buyers are made aware of the bids and are given an equal chance to increase it.
  • Dutch: In a Dutch auction, products are initially offered at a high price, which is then gradually reduced until a bidder offers to buy it. Multiple identical products are available for sale. The first person to bid is allowed to purchase the product at the lowest price. This type of auction is useful when a business is selling a few expensive items with high demand.


Organizations, buyers, sellers etc can avail of our online auction site development services to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Online auction sites provide companies with access to a large global customer base thereby enabling them to dispose their surplus inventory in a cost effective manner.
  • Helps organizations in gauging customer interest in their products and the price they are willing to pay thereby enabling them to analyze and forecast trends and assisting them in the pricing of new products.
  • A larger range and variety of products can be housed as compared to traditional auction methods thereby attracting the attention of a larger potential customer base.
  • Through auction websites potential buyers can place bids at any time, from the convenience of their homes.
  • Online auction houses help create a large community of buyers and sellers across geographical locations and boundaries. Reduced selling costs and a potentially large customer base lures sellers to online auction houses. The diversity and range of products available for sale attracts a large potential customer base.


The online auction software solutions developed by MNJ Software can serve as plug-ins that need to be integrated with existing websites or can serve as standalone auction sites. Depending on individual requirements and the complexity of the solution, MNJ Software offers the following modes of auction web site development:
  • Off-the-shelf products: Open source packages and third party vendors offer a wide array of functionalities and features for developing online auction solutions. Off the shelf products can be easily customized to suit business requirements thereby lowering development time and leading to higher cost effectiveness. They are easy to install, have secure, flexible and modular architectures and have easy to use interfaces.
  • MNJ Software helps its client to implement online auction solutions by integrating and customizing the various packages to suit their individual requirements.
  • Grounds-up development: If the complexity of the solution is high or if the desired functionalities are not available through off-the-shelf products or if a more robust and scalable platform is required, the grounds-up development mode is preferred.
  • MNJ Software possess the desired knowledge and expertise to develop solutions from scratch, to meet the individual requirements of clients. Our extensive experience in various platforms and framework such as the .net framework enable us to offer the best possible solution to our clients.


Some of the key features of our auction software solutions include:
  • The solutions provided by us enable the creation of virtual markets wherein goods and services can be offered for sale by individuals or businesses.
  • A content management system can be integrated with the solution to enable the auction house administrators to publish information and announcements on the website.
  • Our auction software solutions include an administration console consisting of easy to use, browser based interfaces that enable the solution administrator to maintain and manage the online auction house. The administrator can perform various tasks such as create and manage product categories, view and track buyers and sellers registered with the site etc.
  • Extensive reporting modules to generate reports for site statistics, top sellers, outstanding reports etc can be integrated with the solution.
  • Sellers can list products or services for sale. Images can be uploaded and attached with the product description. Sellers can specify the dates between which the products will be available on auction. If desired, sellers can set the minimum bidding price for the product. They can track the bids made by buyers.
  • Extensive search criteria enable potential buyers to search and browse through extensive auction catalogues. They can also view details and interact with the buyers through means message boards, chat rooms, email.
  • Buyers can place bids online and can either track their bids online or by opting for alerts such as e-mail or SMS. They can set bidding increments enabling an automatic increment of their existing bids whenever a bid higher bid is placed by others.
  • At the end of the auction time period, the product is sold to the highest bidder and an e-mail is sent informing the buyer and seller of the same.