hr management

Personnel Profile system

Tired of maintaining your staff details manually with complicated spreadsheets? Looking for a solution to ease your information management requirement?

MNJ Software organizes, automates and streamlines every aspect of your personnel management process. Our solution will help maximize employee data capture and strengthen the strategic potential of your HR department.


Do you find your payroll processing confusing and complicated? Is it keeping you from focusing on your core business needs?
Web-enabling your payroll processes is just the solution for you. It will not only save you time through handling all the complicated calculations, keeping up with changing rules and regulations, ensuring up-to-date recordkeeping and recording; but will also generate revenue, by enabling you to translate all the time saved, into your core business.
  • Pay by any pay period, Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly, Quarterly,
  • Semiannually or Miscellaneous
  • Import Employee information
  • Import timecard information
  • Create Eligibility Controls
  • Check User Balances
  • Automatic tax computations
  • User modifiable Tax Tables
  • Exemption on employee's federal and provincial returns
  • Additional federal and state withholding
  • Earnings including quarter-to-date, year-to-date, and user-defined period
  • Employee insurance premium/Worker's compensation/Other withholding by quarter-to-date, year-to-date, and user-defined periods
  • Vacation/Sick leave accrual rate, accrued, and used
  • Unpaid leave
  • Handle Fringe benefits
  • Have spousal distribution of retirement pension plan, for example, in case of employee death Create Portrait and Landscape employee reports
  • Wage reports for Month, Quarter and Year to Date
  • Payroll History Reports Employee Mailing Labels, Lists and Pay Envelope Labels
  • Create your own customized and consolidated reports
  • Post transactions to QuickBooks 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005
  • Multiple State option available
  • Print on Federal/State forms or on specific forms
  • Supports multiple State and City Tax Tables
  • Supports withholding and reporting taxes for all US states and territories
  • Create Logon/User permissions for security
  • Unlimited Payroll Employee accounts
  • Create multiple company accounts Create separate pay accounts for Hourly, Salaried,
  • Commissioned and non-employee contract workers


Benefits Administration


People are one of the biggest assets of an organization and which is why, it is crucial to offer different benefits to attract and retain them.

But often, both the employer and the employees struggle with this process. The employer on his part struggles with gathering key data & verifying the same. The situation is further compounded with manual, paper-based systems that are difficult to manage and maintain, resulting in high costs.

The employees on their part struggle to have access to information of their own benefits, resulting in job dissatisfaction and attrition. The requirement here is to streamline and automate the entire benefits administration process and to communicate the same effectively to one's employees.

Following are some of the features that we can offer:

  • Create and manage multiple benefits programs
  • Review all benefit plans annually Create performance reviews, track past reviews and
  • schedule future reviews Ensure compliance with government requirements
  • (ERISA, HIPAA, DOL) Merge and audit monthly insurance / benefits invoices
  • Interface directly with insurance carriers and payroll system
  • Identification of appropriate dates for calculating
  • coverage and deductions Maintenance of dependent and beneficiary information
  • Rollover benefit options
  • Create Eligibility controls
  • Employee Benefit Plan Profile

Data Warehousing


Does your staff spend more time searching for information than acting on them and once found, spend even more time on making relevant use of the information?

In a day and age, when time is synonyms with money; businesses need to ensure that they operate in an efficient manner, ensuring information is readily accessible and is easily usable.

To do that, an enterprise needs a system that's designed to summarize knowledge enterprise wide & report it. A data warehouse system does just that.

The benefits that a data warehouse system brings are enormous, ranging from customized reporting solutions to exchange of business information between different enterprises to valuable customer relationship management & to many more.


Following are a few offerings of a data warehouse system:  

  • Create & view the entire organizational structure of your enterprise graphically
  • View Job Position, Wage Profiles and Employee data in real-time
  • Create Career Development and Training reports
  • Government Compliance Reporting
  • EEO-1, EEO-4, I-9 Citizenship Verification
  • Employment History and Personnel Reporting
  • Staff headcount, movement, and turnover trends analyses and reports
  • Workforce planning reporting
  • EEO/affirmative action /disabled employee reporting
  • Absence and leave accrual reporting
  • Wage and salary costs data, with detailed breakdowns across, for example, earnings, deductions & disbursements
  • Reports on vacancies
  • Competency profile of the workforce, with breakdowns per departments, positions, etc.
  • HR budgeting reports (dollars, hours, FTE, and headcount)
  • Budgeting versus actual comparisons by position or business unit
  • External and internal training requirements reports, with detailed breakdowns per departments, positions, etc
  • Reports on training history, success rate, course attendance, inability to accommodate all interested candidates
  • Alert supervisor when an employee is out of compliance in training or certification
  • Report on vacation usage and alert supervisors when allocation is exhausted
  • Create alternate views, filters and formatting options
  • Include data fields from multiple locations
  • Publish it over the Internet/Intranet
  • Create a one stop secure environment to organize, store, and distribute important company content. View employee documents such as resumes, applications, and accident reports as scanned images
  • Create a document library to store regularly used formats like offer letter etc
  • Choose from a wide range of standard reports, for all your diverse reporting requirements. Reports can be customized by location, division, department and position.
  • Create automated reminders and alerts
  • Keep a track of company property among employees
  • Create a comprehensive information portal with all the above features and create a communications portal to transmit information seamlessly & accurately between employees and management


Employee Self-Service:


Would you like to improve the quality of your employee information, while at the same time reduce the administrative workload of your HR staff?

The Employee self service module is just what you need. It empowers employees to manage and maintain their own personal data, thereby not only improving the quality of employee information but also decreases the administrative workload for the HR staff. The module also adds to employee satisfaction by giving them access to their benefit plans and other key details.


Following are some of the offerings of an Employee self service:  

  • Review and maintain name, address, telephone number, etc., associated with life events
  • Review or enroll in benefits for open enrollment period
  • Change benefits related to a life event
  • Update W4 information such as tax filling status, number of exemptions, and withholding information
  • View pay stub info: gross pay, taxes, other deductions, net pay, pay period, and year-to-date totals
  • Maintain dependents and beneficiaries related to life event
  • Maintain emergency contacts
  • Review vacation and sick day balances and submit leave requests
  • Review and maintain bank info for direct deposit and reimbursements
  • Review and enter or submit expenses
  • Account for time based on type of absence or attendance
  • Allocate time to multiple projects and assignments
  • Internal and external application for a job and view the status of the application
  • Choose and maintain personal passwords
  • Posting and updating resumes
  • View personal training history
  • Search for available courses based on topic, text, language, and location
  • View course calendars and details
  • Enroll in or cancel participation in courses
  • Pre-book for courses not yet scheduled
  • Review and maintain deduction information for automatic bill payment service
  • Review and maintain a knowledge sharing diary
  • Maintain Health and Safety Records
  • Report and investigate incidents of injury and illness for employees and contractors
  • The MNJ Software’s is an extremely practical and easy to use application. It saves precious resources, while enhancing productivity. Empower and build your human capital with technology.