community portal

With more and more people now making maximum usage of social networking site and spending considerable time on such portals, business across globe have started adopting the social networking sites to expand their business networks.class="paddingtop.

Social networking sites are considered mostly as the source of generating references and to reach vast number of people who are connected to your family, friends, colleagues or business associates. It’s a Hugh WEB where people are connected and can see each other’s updates may it be an individual, company or the product updates about the company. 

MNJ has been involved in community portal development when there were only few social networking sites. But since then the demand for community portal development in india has increased and with more requests and project completions we have achieved great expertise in offshore community portal development.

At MNJ we can help you with
  • Face book application development in india
  • Integration of face book application using FPI
  • Face book Group page development
  • of social networking updates into your existing application
  • Twitter setup and integration
  • article publication
  • RSS feeds and rss readers
  • MySpace application development
  • Any many more..
Development of community portal in india with MNJ can help
  • Your customers using social networking sites can be up always to date with what’s happening with your organization
  • They always know about the latest updates about your company , product and services
  • Easy and quick way to launch new services or product
  • Reach more people with almost no recurring expense
  • Get noticed by more people
  • Get noticed by more people
  • Let your friends, family and customers suggest you what they want and improve your services
Being said that MNJ itself is also connected with following networks.