software test management

Software Test Management

Gain Control of the Chaotic Software Test Management Process Software quality is essential to business success. However, software quality means different things to different people, making it difficult to deliver on quality. For end users, it means IT systems that deliver “what we need, when we need it.” For development teams, it means performance, scalability, reliability, functionality, accuracy and usability all must be addressed. Geographically distributed teams and cross-platform functionality further complicate the process, because team members often use different testing tools, development processes and technology platforms in physical or virtual development labs. This complexity, and the volume of tasks involved in managing manual software testing and automated regression and performance testing, makes formalized software test management a must if organizations want to gain control of the process.

MNJ's Software Test Management solution gives you control of and visibility into the entire software application testing process. From planning to test-and-fix cycles to final decision support, MNJ's scalable, adaptable and open Software Test Management framework enables you to manage the software testing process, whether your organization is small or large, centralized or distributed. With MNJ, you can harness the chaos of software testing by understanding the answers to key questions, such as:
  • Are critical requirements completely covered by appropriate tests?
  • How do I effectively run tests in different software configurations on multiple platforms?
  • Can I leverage virtualization to better manage complex, multi-configuration test environments?
  • How should I prioritize tests, and how do I know when to update them?
  • What are the test results for a specific build?
  • Where are the defects and what are the necessary steps to resolve them?
  • What is the status of each defect? Is an open issue holding up the release?
  • What progress is being made against our testing strategy?
  • What are the quality trends for an application?
  • Is the application really ready for deployment?