seo guarantees

Our standard search engine optimisation plans all come with guarantees. In the unlikely event of us not meeting our guarantee within 26 weeks we will issue a 50% refund of the annual fee. Guarantees are for the duration of the plan.


Special Notes

We offer SEO guarantees in order to give clients the assurance that we will do a good job and should not be seen as a measure of our performance. In 99.99% of cases we achieve multiple Top 10 listings for clients. We always exceed clients’ expectations and will be promoting your site continually to achieve the best positions possible across the widest range of national and international search engines. In the event of you not being happy with the amount of traffic being generated we will re-optimise the site. Should you ask us to apply keywords that were not originally agreed upon, we will comply but may not be held to our guarantee.


Our guarantee is subject to us having access to optimise your site, or if access is not allowed, all recommended changes must be carried out to our satisfaction within a reasonable period of time. Should your website be totally inaccessible we reserve the right to used advanced search engine positioning techniques to secure the necessary rankings.


Note that our minimum guarantee means that we will obtain so many Top 10 positions in any search engine or you will be entitled to a 50% refund on your fees for the entire contract period.

Once your site has been optimised it is your responsibility to ensure that our work is not overwritten by either yourself or web designer. In the event of your website being overwritten by mistake please contact us immediately, but note that there may be an additional charge to re-apply the work and it may invalidate the guarantee.